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Infoline 1189 is a professional call centre of LTD TeleMedia and has been working in the sphere of informative services already since early 1998. Until 2003, when Latvian telecommunication market has not been liberalized yet and the Lattelecom monopoly dominated there, the call centre used a “long” telephone number 7 222 222. In 2004 when a possibility to register a short number appeared the call centre passed to 3 digit telephone number 119, but since 2006, when new regulations took effect. obliging every inquire service to use number format 118x, the call center went on as 1189.

Today the main service, provided by the call centre 1189 is rendering of information inquiries about Latvian enterprises, institutions, organizations, services and goods. The 1189 inquiry service provides its telephone and sms services 7-days a week from 7.00 till 23.00 in Latvian, Russian and English. The database of the 1189 call centre provides information on more than 80 000 legal entities (companies, institutions). Every day this information is being updated and supplemented with current data. The 1189 operator team is made of real professionals with several years of experience in their field, who are always trying to serve their clients quickly, politely and qualitatively. For a reason the motto of the 1189 operators is “Always Glad to Help!”.

1189 is the only Latvian inquiries service, which besides voice services and sms provides information free of charge using VOIP Skype communication possibilities.

After introducing new inquiry portal, now every internet user has a possibility to send a question on any issue of interest and receive the answers from 1189 experts online. Come and try and also become the information expert!

The most popular services demanded when calling 1189, are health care issues, pharmacies, car care centre services, legal services, transport inquiries, questions on trade places and stores, state institutions, entertainment information, guard service activity, etc. According to Latvian residents` poll made in 2011, the 1189 inquiries service ranked second most recognizable and popular after Lattelecom 1188. Therefore a lot of Latvian enterprises use a possibility to place expanded information on their company or services within 1189 inquiry service, and concluded collaboration agreements. This small investment is recovered quickly by greater demand and new clients.

Funny questions

Among the questions received by the 1189 operators often are such, which most probably could be published under the section „Humor” or „Jokes”. For instance, funny questions:

Client: Please, give the store at Tehnikas 4, down there next to Lauktehnikas.
Operator: Which town?
Client: In Kuldiga of course!

Client: Give me veterinarian!
Operator: We have a lot of them in the database, which of them?
Client: That one, who specializes to cats.
Operator: Which town or region?
Client: not in Jurmla, of course...

Client: Give me, please, Riga Stock Eschange in order to register myself as unemployed.

Client: There is a repair workshop at 24 Maskavas Street. What is the address thereof?

Client: Please, give me the telephone number for Dormeo mattresses.

Client: Give me, please, heat-resistant glass pipe for a washing-machine.

Client: Give me, please, the company Autosuns! (the client needed „Auto Sun”)

Client: Please, connect me to store Jysik! (the client meant store „Jysk”)

Client: There is a plumbing store at Maskavas Street. There are several such plumbing store at that street, but I need the one with beautiful round doors.

Client: Give me, please, the number of FUK TUK. (the client meant FKTK – the Financial and Capital Market Commission)

Telemarketing services

Besides inquiries the 1189 call centre also provides different telemarketing services, both by making outgoing calls and processing the incoming ones. The companies, which use the 1189 call centre services are from different business spheres and with different requirements, but they always receive qualitative services at beneficial prices. One of the long-term collaboration partners of 1189 is a courier mail LTD DPD Latvija, which uses 1189 resources when organizing delivery of goods throughout Latvia. Ilze Paožole, the head of client service at LTD DPD Latvija: „We have been collaborating with the 1189 call centre for a long time and have always received qualitative telemarketing services. All work issues are being solved quickly and flexibly, the operators perform their work professionally!”

Technical resources and long-term experience accumulated by 1189 allow implementing and launching different call centre services quickly (telemarketing, telephone polls, database update, client support centre, invitation service, etc.) and becoming loyal collaboration partner in the information field.

Call 1189 – You are always welcome!


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